Here is the first compilation by Looney Moon records compiled by Looney Moon djs: Fog, Momo, Nukleall and Phobos. Looney Moon is a Torino (Italy) based no-profit association, well known for the high quality of its parties and music selection. During the last four years the Looney Moon team has promoted exchanges with a number of international artists who have come to play at their parties.
This has greatly improved the Italian Psytrance scene and parties have been organized all over the country. “Visionary System” by Looney Moon includes people from different backgrounds but common interests who work together to develop and organise different sorts of events connected to visionary art.
This first release is focused on a fat full underground style proposing tracks from crazy twilight atmospheres to full on night dancefloor blasters. The idea is to give the opportunity to new talented Italian and international artists (such as Lenz, Killer B, Konflux, Nukleall and Junesix) to release their music together with big names such as Digital Talk, Phatmatix, POF, Illegal Machines and B55.
Ten accurately selected psychedelic trance gems that will plunge you straight into our “Visionary System”.


Visionary System V​.A.

Release Date : 05/06/2010
Artists : Killer B, Looney Moon Records
Catalog ref. : 10017634

Mastering: Wired Studio