All phenomenons in nature vary based on their position in three dimensions but relate as well to time passing. The 4th dimension scenario that we’re all living in everyday is called TETRASPACE.
Let the abstract psychedelic material of these adventures of rhythms take you travelling into our timeless vision of the tetraspace: a fully positive and colourfull world of unexpressable sensations that put you in straight connection with the stars and the centre of the earth, making it clear that we are one thing with the energy of the universe. The holographic projection we call reality. This 4th gem of highly researched psychedelic music is a bright collection from Looney Moon artists from all over the world plus Xpiral from Brasil (Vagalume records), Jay Rastaliens with his new project Southwild from Canada (Wildthings records) and Asimilon from England (Bom Shanka Music).
All tracks are 100% guaranteed to take the listeneer stomping into a deep trance dance and forget about the normal flowing of time….see you in TETRASPACE.


Tetraspace V​.​A.

Release Date : 22/12/2011
Artists : Assioma, Dust, Looney Moon Records, Mole, Pantomiman, Phase, Whiptongue
Catalog ref. : 10035314