Strange Species is a journey from the twilight of dusk, going into the night. A partnership between a stellar selection of artists from the global psychedelic scene.
Each track is a collaboration between the masters and cutting edge producers from our extremely international community. 13 tracks, by 26 artists, from 16 nations, signed with 11 labels, all mixed together and curated by Janux, our label DJ who rises up from the original Goa scene, into a dance floor journey to end year 2018 and introduce you to year 2019. Strange is special!


Strange Species VA

Release Date : 03/01/2019
Artists : Dust, Earthworm, Janux, Jumpstreet, Looney Moon Records, Radikal Moodz, Shred'er, Whiptongue
Catalog ref. : 10145941

Mastering by Wild Mastering
Artwork by “Do Art Studio”