After showcasing his majestic production skills in his previous works on Looney Moon Records, Shred’er hits the current times with his huge debut album: “Smooth Anarchy” 10 bricks of high-definition psytrance sounds crafted with raven energy to keep you rooted in your listening experience Shred’er proposes his unique stylish mix of serious beats and electrifying atmospheres, collaborating with label mates Radikal Moodz and rising star Dezzert – SquareLab Music to exceed the highest expectations.
Check out the black gem of Looney Moon Records and add it to your collection of acoustic sparklers.


Smooth Anarchy

Release Date : 08/08/2022
Artists : Dezzert, Shred'er

Master: OddWave Studio
Artwork: Léo Crémonèse Art
Design: Amoeba Design Studio