The looneys are back in a “Looney Mood” style, and so proposing a collection of freshly squeezed unreleased tracks from our label producers plus two super inspiring tracks from Southwild (Wildthings records) and Harmonic Rebel (Psynon records).
Along the neverending path of the definition of our label style , and the research of a fat and hyper positive underground sound, we’re happy to bring to u this upgrade to a more liquid direction and a super solidly fluent arrangement that will always keep any dancefloor stomping it hard. In this new one we are happy to bring to your ears 4 new talented artists that have never released with us before: Harmonic Rebel from Cyprus, Dharma from Italy, Kabayun from Usa and R2 from Costa Rica.
Rising from funky to more serious basslines, and proposing a large variety of cutting edge sounds, looney boom is a pure explosion of positive energy. The 2 label managers dj Phobos and dj Fog would like to thank the boom festival, an endless source of pure inspiration and innovative ideas for us, that has been displaying properly to the world any side of psychedelic arts, culture and lifestyle.
This cd is dedicated to our dear friends Paolo


Looney Boom V​.​A.

Release Date : 09/12/2012
Artists : Assioma, Dharma, Looney Moon Records, Mole, Pantomiman, Phase, R2, Whiptongue
Catalog ref. : 10046968