The noise is served! The second album by Jumpstreet, “Gourmet Noise” is now aired on the Looney Moon Records’ digital repertoire.
Eleven bricks of pure HD madness conveying the hyper-creative power of Jumpstreet and some four-and-six-handed tunes with acknowledged producers of the caliber of Radikal Moodz, Bootysatttva, Assioma and Yabba Dabba. Expect nothing less than the most-advanced level of psytrance production of the current times and the foreseeable future, for an album built to resound just as much as Jumpstreet’s first huge success “Nanodroppin’”.
Get “Gourmet Noise” straight into your plates today and sit back as you enjoy the results.


Gourmet Noise

Release Date : 12/06/2022
Artists : Assioma, Bootysattva, Jumpstreet, Radikal Moodz

Mastering : Stryker Mastering
Design: Amoeba Design Studio