Here it comes the long awaited album of Phase, one of the first artists to join Looney Moon records from the very beginning in 2008. Giacomo, Florence based musician, has been growing, upgrading and improving his sound nonstop in the last years, starting from the first project “DUST IN FACE” where he teamed up with “DUST”, till reaching a very high level standard of production, that is well represented by this first solo album: Feng.
Feng is one of the hexagrams of the ching and it symbolises abundance not only in the sense of wealth but also as an expansion of the awareness. This hexagram pictures a period of advanced civilisation, where development has reached a peak, but this extra ordinary condition of greatness and prosperity cannot be maintained permanently.
Starting from more twilight melodic, and slowly growing into more deep cutting edge arrangements, u can feel the unique touch of Phase in every track, from his full spectrum crystal clear leads to the large variety of chunky basslines, always full of drive and warmth. His ultra researched atmospheres grow from fresh underground full on to more night and foresty vibes, still always keeping the Looney Moon distinguishing fatness and clarity in every aspect of production.
“Feng” shows the extreme versatility of Phase, displaying a large variety of styles that can suit many different tastes and be played at any time of the day. All the tracks have been tested already in dance floors all over the globe by the same Phase or fellow looney mooners and have been brought to perfection in several years of studio work.
The album is closing with a chill out track.



Release Date : 26/10/2015
Artist : Phase
Catalog ref. : 10097295

Artwork: Luke Brown
Design: Funi
Master: WildStudio