Coming after the blast of its first compilation “Visionary system”, Looney Moon strikes back with an uncanny mind expanding compilation: try the Fantasy Drops.Ten brand new full energy tracks selected just to make you beg for more. No easy definitions are available for this kind of music, you have to experience it.
This comes straight from the roots of goa trance flying through a high tech, experimental and hyper contemporary production.The concept is the same as in the first chapter: to bring into your stereo some of our favourite artists in the intenational scene like PARASENSE, ILLEGAL MACHINES, EVP, PRINCIPLES OF FLIGHT, PHONIC REQUEST and DISSOCIACTIVE together with new upcomingtalents from Italy and abroad.Fresh artists like Phase, Dust, Nukleall, Ghost Signal, Coma Dust & Whiptongue are names that you guys are going to remember, because they’re already driving crazy dancefloors in and out Italy and are quickly becoming well known by international trancers.
Looney Moon is pushing this powerful, truly undergrounddancefloor oriented sound since lots of years at parties in Italy and this style is perfect for late night or first lights of the morning. Take this drop of pure innovative fantasy and shimmer in its light.


Fantasy Drops V​.​A.

Release Date : 19/02/2010
Artists : Dust, Looney Moon Records, Phase, Whiptongue
Catalog ref. : 10017635