Space is only a chaotic bunch of cold noises? Did Gagarin explore the sky just looking for God?
Would you like to see our Mother Earth from the outside, hopefully with some extraterrestrial friend?
Hypereggs try to answer to all these metaphysical questions with 3 new tracks.
“Explore” talks about our desire to fly out there, enlightening the dark with our spacecrafts and blowing away the void with the sounds from our land. Sharing our music in the universe, waiting for an answer (obviously with an egg-shape spacecraft).
Twilight sounds with a wink at old psytrance, and a help from some scientists, are the main characteristics of this new productions.



Release Date : 24/12/2018
Artist : Hypereggs

Mastering: Plus Six Mastering
Artwork: Guillermo Sierra
Design: Amoeba Design Studio