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Looney Moonis a psychedelic trance music label dedicated to producing leading-edge music as well as promoting high-quality visionary art.
Born as an event-management crew responsible for the organization of numerous well-known trance events in Italy, Looney Moon stepped up into the international music scene in 2008 by evolving into
Looney Moon Records

Intelligent, Harmonic and Dynamic Grooves
Drawing from an original roster inclusive of diverse promising artists, the two label-headsDJ PhobosandDJ Fogmanaged to address their artistic production workforce into an innovative energetic psytrance style.
A sophisticated approach to the sonic structures, the state-of-the art quality of the masterings, the catchy synthetic riffs escalating to twisted modulations on a bed of throbbing basses are now settled as the fundaments of the Looney Moon essential sound.

Visionary Experimental Happenings
The roots of the Looney Moon project dig into the managers’ experience in organizing over a hundred multi-faceted artistic events.
From pioneering Italian in-and-outdoor psychedelic trance parties and chill-out music sessions, the Looney Moon team pushed the edges of the classic music gatherings by shaping a number of visionary, experimental projects.
Psychedelic conferences, video-installations, art exhibitions and even “food & music” events have added to the global fame of Looney Moon as a hub for revolutionary artists and fine-taste music lovers on a global scale.

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