Radikal Moodz (Maxime and Dominique), are the freshest new Psychedelic project from France.

They began the project in 2016, however the sophistication of their sound seems to suggest they’ve been around for quite a while longer. Since 2016 they have released 2 E.P’s on Maharetta Records ( Spain) , plus a further 2 tracks on 2 separate Festival VA compilations.

Before Radikal Moods, both of them gathered their skills and influences amongst some of the worlds biggest Psy festivals; Dom being known under the name of Dj Dooms as both a Dj and producer, and Max as a Progressive/ On project known as Beat Defenders . In mid 2017 they signed to Looney Moon Records (Italy) as part of the “new wave” of rising French producers like Earthworm, and are set to enjoy many years of every increasing success.

Radikal Moodz deliver something both very rare and refreshing to the Global scene. Remaining pure in spirit to the classic Goa Psychedelic sound , whilst redefining the whole genre in such a modern way.

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