R2 is the project of Arturo Oreamuno, an artist based in Costa Rica and involved in the psytrance scene since 2000, always motived in providing a fresh and proper live act, full of energy and good vibes.
His sound suites perfect for the early night or the early morning, with lots of melodic, noizy, glitchy and complex sounds.

Throughout his career he have been able to play in important local festivals, as well as in Geo Paradise (Panama) and Archipielago festival (Panama) also he had the opportunity of performing with amazing artist such us : Asimilon, Illegal Machines, Psymmetrix, Dust, Dj Phobos, Electrypnose, Entropy, Ianuaria, and more …
Always blessed to be around the most professional local crew such as Transelastica and Psynomads, he have been able to make his way around.

Gladly recently his sound and message has reached wider ranges, and now teamed up with Looney Moon Recs, he is looking forward to stick with the Looney Line and blast!

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