He’s from Japan. Born in 1989.
Meet psychedelic Trance at 18 years old. When he does 22 he started organizing and DJing.
Held [KATAONAMI BEACH SIDE FESTIVAL] at Kataonami Beach in Wakayama Prefecture. The 7th event was delivered in 2016. New Party [Tribal Dance floor] will be held from 2015. It is held not only on the club side but also outdoors on the beach.
He has appeared in many festivals and parties around Japan.In June 2016, he moved to Italy for the first time, and played at HADRA Record Promotion Party.Plays both domestically and abroad.
September 2019, he signed in to Looney Moon Records, Italian labels.
The main Play style is Twilight. At times, select Forest, Dark, Progressive, etc.
Thinking of time and space, unique groove tempo rhythm, running kick, Tricky music selection, Funky play style.

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