Jimi Green is the Psytrance project of Jonas Kalkreuth from Germany.
Throughout his life music has been a loyal companion either by playing multiple instruments, being surrounded by musicians, or listening as much as possible, always being eager to find new inspiring musical ideas.
Once he discovered psychedelic trance, he knew the possibilities of musical expression would be endless. After years of experimentation, trial and error he found his own unique interpretation of psychedelic music.
Over the years he released tremendous amounts of tunes with his two-man project Duke & Gonzo. After years of composing music together, he felt it was time to explore the realm of psychedelic music on his own and see what will happen once he got down the rabbit hole. Heavy influenced by all kinds of music this project is driven by funky psychedelic soundscapes, groovy basslines, and hard-hitting drums, creating a unique sonic experience which will definitely get your feet moving!