Janux rises from the original Goa scene from the early 1980’s, where he was part of the early roots of the Psytrance family.  His musical journey started young on the early dancefloors in Goa in the 80’s and 90’s, and he finally started DJing in 1998

A powerful Dj who can read any situation and play the perfect vibe for that space & time. Janux’s style ranges from high energy trippy night music, to magical twilight, to strong & psychedelic morning sounds. His high energy performances packed full with killer mixing, sorcery, and dance power, transform the party into a powerful entity

Janux has lived in Denmark, USA, London, Amsterdam, Bombay, and Goa (where has been for almost every season his whole life).  He has played at parties and festivals all over the world including BOOM FESTIVAL, OZORA (6 times), ANTARIS (2 times), FREE EARTH (3 times), MODEM, HADRA, WAO, HILLTOP FESTIVAL (6 times), UNIVERSAL RELIGION (4 times), TREE OF LIFE,  JUNGLE CALLING FESTIVAL, LANDJUWEEL, HILLTOP NYE (more than 10 times from 2003 till 2024)

Janux is the Co-Founder & Co-Owner of the SOLA LUNA Festival in Thailand, near Koh Phangan, that happens every year over New Year, followed by 2 months of After Parties on Koh Phangan Island.

He hosted all the big psytrance parties that happened in Bombay from 2008 till 2016, where he was the head of music programming at the legendary Blue Frog, the only club in India that did regular Psy nights with domestic & international artists. (and also various other electronic genres, and live bands across multiple genres as well)

Janux has also opened Goa’s first professional music production & recording studio, called Studio Ra!

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