Hypereggs, psychedelic trance, Looney Moon Rec. Hypereggs are coming, floating from the deeper stars and the darker caves. Hypereggs communicate with their music: they scream while fried, they cry while boiling, always dementially riding between trash and mysticism. Simone Saretta is the human translator of these hyperintelligent creatures. He tries to interpretate with his hands and mind their awesome legends and stories from the hyperspace.

This is the second project by Simone, after We are noise (dark psychedelic trance, w/ creative jungle crew). He also take part in party organization and played a lot of parties with a lot of hyperartists in Italy and around.

Hypereggs is a project of psychedelic trance, based between night and daytime, happyness and paranoia, trash and mysticism. Not too slow, not too fast. Just human. Based in north Italy, born in 2013.

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