It’s hard to describe in few words the crazy vortex of creativity and events that have seen dj Fog involved from the end of the nineties.

To say it in few words Roberto started djing in 1999 and played at first party in 2001, in 2004 he opened Looney Moon party org with a bunch of friends, and started producing events all over italy and abroad. In 2008 the group decided to open Looney Moon records.

In 2011, in order to enrich the range of productions, and thanx to the involvement of more trustable friends, was born a new record label for more experimental productions and chill out: Looney Moon Experiment. Since 2005 Roberto has been pushing underground sounds playing at many events all over the world including the bigger ones like BOOM, UNIVERSO PARALLELO, ANTARIS, HADRA, SUMMER NEVER ENDS, FREQS OF NATURE, and many more.

Label dj for the swiss label Peak rec from 2006 and label manager of Looney Moon rec since the very beginning together with dj Phobos, dj Fog has rocked countless events all over the globe.

All his sets on any style are rich of unreleased stuff from all the artist-friends. Apart from the Looney Moon activities Robi is now one of main guys behind Momento Demento Festival and Collider Art Gallery (Looney Moon Visions) and artistic and logistic consultant for several other events in europe, and not only.

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